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Portable Pen Fishing Pole

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Great for a gag gift or even for a travel fishing pole and reel. Don't expect to be casting across the lake but it's great for catching bait fish! If you're brave, you could even go after small bass.

You can also get a tackle kit for an an affordable price that comes with everything you need to start fishing - Bluegill love SlimJims, they are loaded with flavor and stay on small hooks better than most other bait.

If you do plan on using this as a fishing pole, make sure to always keep your thumb on the fishing line when casting. This is a "bait caster" type of reel and they tangle pretty bad if you're not careful - it's not just a gimmick, the rod is real and takes som skill to use. And that is part of the fun, learning how to operate the tiny little fishing rod. To reel in, pinch the line between your fingers so the line goes on nice and snug.

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